My Skin Routine

My Skin Routine

I never thought I would do one of these. I've gotten questions about my hair and what I do to it ever since I went natural, so doing a product haul (which I will transfer over soon!) made a lot of sense. Recently I've gotten a lot of compliments on my skin and questions about what I use. I changed my regimen a few weeks ago and also made a few lifestyle changes, so I figured I may as well share my secrets.

For as long as I've had acne, I've had a terrible time dealing with acne scarring and discoloration. I would get huge, stubborn pimples that would eventually turn into dark marks that would take years to fade even with the strongest creams and medications. I tried tons of combinations of products to deal with both issues, but nothing really helped. Seeing my bare face in untouched pictures made me cringe, especially if they were taken with a good camera, and it was the biggest source of my insecurity. This year I had enough. Major changes were necessary.

 Most of my flare-ups were related to stress and my cycle. While I knew diet played a part, but I didn't realize just how much until I gave up chocolate and french fries for Lent. Within a few days my major bumps cleared up and my skin smoothed out. This, along with drinking more water, played a huge part in the decrease of my major flare-ups. So I guess that would be my first tip: take care of your body from the inside as well.

Just like my hair regimen, I keep my skin regimen simple with just a few products. I also like to keep it as natural as possible.

1. African black soap

I've heard so many good things about black soap, and I'm happy to add to that list! This soap gets my skin so clean, but not too dry, and I've heard that it's great for dark spots and you can use it on your whole body. Nothing complicated about this step, just wash with it twice a day. You can find it in plenty of natural stores, but I got mine here.

2. Baking soda

You might be looking at me sideways right now, but hear me out. Exfoliation is so important for maintaining healthy skin; it clears away all the dead cells and dirt that could clog your pores and cause a pimple. Plus, it feels great and gives you a healthy glow. My skin doesn't take well to exfoliating brushes or exfoliating scrubs with big particles. To avoid irritation, I make a simple paste with baking soda and a few drops of water. Rub it on for about thirty seconds and concentrate on the bumpiest areas, and then wash it off. Your skin will feel so smooth and soft, I guarantee it.

3. Witch hazel

Another great product for fighting dark marks, I put this on a cotton ball and use it to tone my face. It doesn't smell like roses but it fades within minutes and doesn't last once you finish the routine. This step is really important especially after using the baking soda because any leftover residue can dry you out. I don't always do this because the black soap gets me so clean, but it's really important after wearing makeup or if you have really oily skin. 

4. Almond oil

I will admit that I was skeptical about putting pure oil on my face. I was worried about my pores clogging even more and I didn't even do a test on my arm or anything before I tried it on my face. But this...oh my goodness. This oil has been so great to me. It balances the moisture levels in my skin perfectly and I never look too shiny with it. It only takes a few drops (no more than five) so I have a feeling that my big bottle will last fuheva. Please make sure to get SWEET almond oil. Bitter almond oil will not work, trust me.

So how effective is this regimen? 

First, feast your eyes on this:

Those are Slutty Brownies. I made a batch on Sunday to share with friends as a fun way to celebrate Easter and my ability to eat chocolate again. I've had two brownies since then and that adds up to an untold, but high, amount of sugar and oil and calories and God knows what else.

And I still don't have a pimple. I'm not sure if the same can be said for my waistline but #beautifulineverysize, am I right?

I hope this helps!

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