Rollin' on a Saturday

Rollin' on a Saturday

I was in a mood for nicely rolled things on Saturday. Not sure why. The day started with fresh, Nutella-filled crescent rolls and I munched on them while I sorted laundry, cleaned my room, and did other responsible adult things. I checked Instagram and this little ice cream company that I've had my eye on for a while was in Atlanta for the afternoon.

Normally they're all the way out in Roswell but today they came to Piedmont Park. I drove over there determined to get some ice cream rolls of my own. I walked and snapped until I finally saw their stand.


It's all very simple. Choose your milk (regular or coconut), your fruits or other add-ins, and sit back and watch them work with everything on a freezing plate. 

You can find them  here , if you'd like.

You can find them here, if you'd like.

I went for coconut milk with strawberries, Oreos, and a chocolate drizzle. 

The finished product!

The finished product!

So...they didn't roll it. Kinda messed with my theme of the day. But it's fine, because it was delicious! Sweet but not too sweet, and the coconut milk blended well with the strawberries just like the lady promised. If they're ever in Atlanta again I think I'll do something crazy with Kit-Kats...we'll see. The hardest part of the experience was getting it into my mouth before it melted, but I did my best. 

Not a bad view, either.


I ate my frozen dairy treat surrounded by pretty flowers, ducks, and small children. It was pleasant. 

That was just about it for rolled things. I went to Little Five Points and thought about getting sushi later in the day, but Chick Fil-a was closer. 

How was your Saturday? And where else can I get ice cream rolls in this city? I need options.

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