ICYMI: The BET Awards

ICYMI: The BET Awards

I think I'll always remember this year's ceremony, as it'll be hard to top.

In no particular order, here are some of my highlights from the night.

Beyoncé and Kendrick igniting a fire in my soul (literally)

I never get tired of seeing them perform together!

I never get tired of seeing them perform together!

Two of my favorite people doing one of my favorite songs. I saw her do Freedom on tour and I didn't think the strong performance could get any better, but she surpassed my expectations by bringing Kendrick. 

The sometimes cheesy, sometimes eh bits from the presenters and hosts.

They worked in Hamilton, struggling with technology, eggplant emojis, #RealDatesMatter and some other...cheeky elements.

The Prince tributes

Regardless of how BET did it, their tribute to Prince would probably be better than the last award show to attempt a Prince tribute (you know the one). And it was, because duh. Rather than one big tribute, a few performances were spaced out over the evening.

Most notably, Bilal gave his heart and soul in "The Beautiful Ones", Jennifer Hudson hit the audience in the feels with "Purple Rain" (along with Stevie Wonder and Tori Kelly), and Sheila E brought the house down with one of the most energetic sets I've ever seen. No doves cried, but a few people in the audience certainly did by the end of the night. Also, the outfits were everything.

Chloe and Halle being everything I need in life

Listen, I don't know why "Chloe and Halle" is not a known phrase in every household. I admit I was late to the party, but seeing their music video for "Drop" at the Formation tour changed me for the better. They are favored by Beyoncé, full of talent (the first minute of their BET set was everything I wanted it to be and more), beautiful, and beautifully themselves. I can't wait to see what they do next. Bless your ears with their music here.

Drake and Future winning Best Group for a collab they did one time

I just didn't know that was a thing.


I cheered

I cheered

I could write a whole piece on Jesse Williams' speech as he accepted the Humanitarian award. I might, actually. He showed love to Black women and acknowledged that everyone needs to do better by Black women, and thanked the activists who have been doing the work since day one. He recognized Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Rekia Boyd, and Dorian Hunt, and made it clear that no matter how far we come, we still have so far to go. He said, in a room of Hollywood's Black elite, that money won't save anyone or solve the problems we face. He told everyone without an interest in equal rights to, quite literally, sit down. And finally, this: "Just because we're magic doesn't mean we're not real."

I might have to get that framed.

Desiigner became a meme

I don't think anyone had a better time at the BET Awards than this young man, and I'm not mad about it. "Panda" has played in my brain every day for the past month or so, and it has gotten me through many a workout. I still wasn't ready for the cardio class Desiigner led during his performance, and I certainly wasn't ready for all of the memes that popped up just minutes and hours afterwards.

Black Twitter was ready, of course, and didn't disappoint.


Best believe I'm here for his joy. Live it up, young man.

Ms. Tina representing for Beyoncé

Since Beyoncé had to catch a plane to London for a show*, her mom graciously accepted her awards for Video of the Year and Best Female R&B/Pop Artist. She thanked the fans for riding with Bey since she was 15, Matthew Knowles for showing her the ropes of the business, and she implored everyone to celebrate the great artists while they were still alive to enjoy the praise.

In other words, "Put some respeck on my daughter's name."

What were some of your favorite moments? Let me know!



*She went home and fed Blue

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